Keith Whitacre

Keith Whitacre Consulting LLC
A successful and proven leader with two Fortune 500 companies continuously exceed goals and objectives. Let me take our company to the next level with sales, organization, and account management.
Legal Shield / IDShield:
No one should be without these two low cost subscription based services. Legal Shield give you access to the legal system with unlimited consultation 24/7 for our top-rated law firms while enjoying the benefits of getting Letter & phone call make on your behalf, your “Will” prepared, Speeding Ticket Assistance and much more all on your phone with the two power APPs. Additionally, IDShield provides Identity theft protection, consultation, and advice with licensed private investigators, plus Identity, Credit, Social Media and even Dark Web monitoring. Our ID Shield guarantee is we do not give up until your identity is restored, with up to $5 Million Dollar to restore your identity, and up to One Million Dollars in insurance to cover losses depending on the plan you choose.
Solight Design Solight Design provides beautiful, sustainable, solar lantern lights that appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer while providing power and light to those who want
or need it most. Our product benefits are numerous: portable, water resistant, folds flat with muscle memory to re-inflate, durable, field-tested, origami design, puncture proof, hygienic, light weight, simple to use and much more. Our product uses are vast: Outdoor
patio, biking, camping, boating, vacationing, emergency kits, events, and so many more.

Our group of successful entrepreneurs are strong and well-known in their fields but share their talents with other members of the group with their knowledge, networking skills, referrals, business consultation, comradery, friendship, and a sense of community. I personally have learned so much from our members and plan to continue to grow by business by this association.

Keith Whitacre Consulting LLC


Phone: 952-239-5870

Address: 627 Timbervale Trail Clermont, FL 34715


Legal Shield / ID Shield 

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Solight Design



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