I honestly love working with numbers, to me it’s like solving a puzzle which is something I love to do. For individuals and businesses, I handle taxes and tax matters. For businesses, I also handle sales, payroll taxes, and filings. I can also help with their accounting needs. I can take over the bookkeeping on a monthly basis and will prepare monthly financials to go over with you. This is an important step in understanding your finances and the financial health of your business. Or, I can reconcile the accounts on a quarterly basis and print quarterly financials. If you find yourself in the need of financials at the last minute, I can prepare them annually as well. Having worked with many non-profits, I now specialize in their special needs. Whatever your accounting or tax needs, I am here for you. It is important that you have someone working for you that knows and understands accounting and the tax laws and whom you can trust.

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